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Today's Famous Deaths          September 14th

September 14 Famous Deaths list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who died on September 14. Famous Deaths on September 14 in the history. Know the famous celebrity who died on this day.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
0023Drusus Julius CaesarOnly child of Roman Emperor Tiberius and his first wife Italy
0258CyprianBishop of Carthage and an important Early Christian writer Tunisia
0585Emperor Bidatsu30th emperor of Japan Japan
0775Constantine VByzantine emperor from 741 to 775 Turkey
0891Pope Stephen VPope from 885 to 891 Italy
1146ZengiFounder of the Zengid dynasty Syria
1164Emperor Sutoku75th emperor of Japan Japan
1214Albert AvogadroCanon lawyer who served as Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Israel
1321Dante AlighieriItalian poet Italy
1404Albert IV, Duke of AustriaDuke of Austria Austria
1435John, Duke of BedfordRegent of England United Kingdom(UK)
1495Elizabeth Tudor (daughter of Henry VII)English princess United Kingdom(UK)
1523Pope Adrian VIPope Netherlands
1538Henry III of Nassau-BredaGerman noblem Germany
1605Jan Tarnowski (1550 -1605)Archbishop of Gniezno and Primate of Poland Poland
1638John Harvard (clergyman)English born clergyman United Kingdom(UK)
1646Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of EssexEnglish Civil War general United Kingdom(UK)
1709Luis Manuel Fernandez de PortocarreroSpanish Archbishop Spain
1712Giovanni Domenico CassiniItalian scientist Italy
1743Nicolas LancretFrench painter France
1749Richard Temple, 1st Viscount CobhamEnglish soldier and politician United Kingdom(UK)
1759Louis-Joseph de MontcalmFrench military commander France
1807George Townshend, 1st Marquess TownshendBritish field marshal United Kingdom(UK)
1836Aaron Burr3rd Vice President of the United States United States(USA)
1851James Fenimore CooperAmerican novelist United States(USA)
1852Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of WellingtonAnglo-Irish soldier and statesman Ireland
1852Augustus PuginEnglish-born architect United Kingdom(UK)
1862Charles Lennox RichardsonEnglish merchant United Kingdom(UK)
1877Constantine KanarisGreek Prime Minister, admiral and politician Greece
1879Bernhard von CottaGerman geologist Germany
1885Friedrich KielGerman composer and music teacher Germany
1887Friedrich Theodor von VischerGerman narrator, lyricist, and philosopher Germany
1898William Seward Burroughs IAmerican inventor United States(USA)
1901William McKinley25th President of the United States United States(USA)
1905Pierre Savorgnan de BrazzaFranco-Italian explorer Italy
1916Jose Echegaray y EizaguirreSpanish writer, Nobel Prize laureate Spain
1916Pierre DuhemFrench physicist France
1916Pierre Maurice Marie DuhemFrench physicist, mathematician, historian and philosopher of science France
1927Isadora DuncanAmerican dancer United States(USA)
1927Hugo BallGerman author and poet Germany
1931Tom RobertsAustralian artist Australia
1932Jean Emile Paul CrasFrench composer France
1936Irving ThalbergAmerican film producer United States(USA)
1936Ossip GabrilowitschRussian-born American pianist, conductor and composer Germany
1937Tomas MasarykAustro-Hungarian and Czechoslovak statesman, sociologist, philosopher and 1st President of Czechoslovakia Czech Republic
1942Ezra Seymour GosneyAmerican philanthropist and eugenicist United States(USA)
1949Romuald JoubeFrench stage and film actor France
1951Fritz BuschGerman conductor Germany
1952Sir John Cameron McPheeAustralian politician Australia
1959Wayne MorrisAmerican actor United States(USA)
1960M. KaragatsisImportant modern Greek novelist, journalist, critic and playwright Greece
1962Fred SchuleAmerican athlete and winner United States(USA)
1964Vasily GrossmanSoviet writer and journalist Russia
1965J.W. HearneEnglish cricketer United Kingdom(UK)
1966Nikolai CherkasovRussian actor Russia
1966Gertrude BergAmerican actress and screenwriter United States(USA)
1966Hiram Wesley EvansImperial Wizard of the second Ku Klux Kla United States(USA)
1970Rudolf CarnapGerman philosopher Germany
1974Warren HullAmerican actor United States(USA)
1975Walter HerbertGerman born American conductor Germany
1979Nur Muhammad TarakiAfghan politician and statesman Afghanistan
1981Furry LewisAmerican blues guitarist United States(USA)
1981William LoebAmerican newspaper publisher United States(USA)
1982John GardnerAmerican author United States(USA)
1982Bachir GemayelLebanese militia commander, politician and president elect Lebanon
1982Grace KellyAcademy Award winning American film and stage actress and fashion icon United States(USA)
1982Kristjan Eldjarn3rd president of Iceland Iceland
1982Christian FerrasFrench violinist France
1984Richard Brautigan20th century American writer United States(USA)
1984Janet GaynorAmerican actress United States(USA)
1984J. B. PriestleyEnglish novelist, playwright and broadcaster United Kingdom(UK)
1984Lucien Pierre BrouillardCanadian professional boxer Canada
1985Claire CribbsAmerican basketball player United States(USA)
1986Gordon Barton McLendonRadio pioneer and pirate radio broadcaster United States(USA)
1989Damaso Perez PradoCuban and Mexican bandleader and composer Cuba
1991Russell LynesAmerican art historian, photographer, author and managing editor of Harpers Magazine United States(USA)
1991Julie BovassoAmerican actress of stage, screen and television United States(USA)
1992Paul Joseph James MartinCanadian politician Canada
1992August Eduard KomendantEstonian and American structural engineer Estonia
1994Marika KrevataGreek actress of theater and film Greece
1995Maurice K. GoddardDriving force behind the creation of 45 Pennsylvania state parks United States(USA)
1996Juliet ProwseSouth African dancer South Africa
1996Rose OuelletteQuebec actress, comedian, theater manager and artistic director Canada
1999Andre KostolanyWorld-renowned stock market expert and speculator Hungary
1999Giannos KranidiotisGreek diplomat and politician Greece
1999Charles CrichtonEnglish film director and film editor United Kingdom(UK)
2000Jerzy GiedroycPolish writer and activist Poland
2000Beah RichardsAmerican actress United States(USA)
2001LaWanda PageAmerican actress and comedian United States(USA)
2001Stelios KazantzidisProminent Greek singer Greece
2001Barbara AnsellUK founder of paediatric rheumatology United Kingdom(UK)
2003John Serry, Sr.American musician and arranger United States(USA)
2003Garrett HardinLeading ecologist United States(USA)
2003Yetunde PriceElder half sister and personal assistant to leading tennis players Venus Williams and Serena Williams United States(USA)
2003Gerald Jerry R. FleckAmerican assistant director United States(USA)
2005William BerenbergAmerican physician United States(USA)
2005Robert WiseAmerican sound effects editor, film editor, film producer and director United States(USA)
2005Vladimir VolkoffFrench writer of Russian extraction France
2006Mickey HargitayHungarian-born actor and bodybuilder Hungary
2006Esme MelvilleAustralian actress Australia
2007Benny VansteelantBelgian duathlete Belgium
2007Jacques Martin (TV host)French TV host and producer France
2007Robert SavoieFrench-Canadian operatic baritone Canada
2008Stefan IordacheRomanian actor Romania
2009Henry GibsonAmerican actor and songwriter United States(USA)
2009Patrick SwayzeAmerican actor, dancer and singer, songwriter United States(USA)
2009Keith FloydBritish celebrity chef, television personality, businessman United Kingdom(UK)
2009Darren SutherlandIrish professional boxer Ireland
2009Jody PowellWhite House Press Secretary United States(USA)
2010Caterina BorattoItalian film actress Italy
2012Stephen DunhamAmerican actor United States(USA)
2012Winston RekertCanadian actor Canada
2012Eduardo Castro LuqueMexican politician Mexico

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