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Today's Famous Deaths          January 8th

January 8 Famous Deaths list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who died on January 8. Famous Deaths on January 8 in the history. Know the famous celebrity who died on this day.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
0482Severinus of NoricumRoman Catholic saint Italy
1107Edgar, King of ScotlandKing of Alba United Kingdom(UK)
1198Pope Celestine IIIElected Pope on March 21, 1191 and reigned until his death Italy
1337Giotto di BondoneItalian painter and architect Italy
1456Lorenzo GiustinianiBishop and first Patriarch of Venice Italy
1557Albert the WarlikePrince of Bayreuth Germany
1570Philibert DeLormeFrench architect France
1587Mary I of ScotlandQueen of Scots United Kingdom(UK)
1598John George, Elector of BrandenburgPrince elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg Germany
1642Galileo GalileiItalian astronomer and physicist Italy
1664Moses AmyrautFrench Protestant theologian and metaphysician France
1713Arcangelo CorelliItalian composer Italy
1775John BaskervilleEnglish printer United Kingdom(UK)
1789Jack BroughtonEnglish bare knuckle fighter United Kingdom(UK)
1794Justus MoserGerman statesman Germany
1815Edward PakenhamBritish general United Kingdom(UK)
1825Eli WhitneyAmerican inventor United States(USA)
1831Franz KrommerCzech composer Czech Republic
1849Francois Antoine HabeneckFrench violinist France
1853Mihaly BertalanitsSlovene cantor, teacher, and poet Hungary
1856William Carr Beresford, 1st Viscount BeresfordBritish soldier and politician United Kingdom(UK)
1865Aime, duc de Clermont-TonnerreFrench general France
1865John DobsonEnglish architect United Kingdom(UK)
1874Charles-Etienne Brasseur de BourbourgFrench writer and historian France
1878Nikolay NekrasovRussian poet, writer, critic and publisher Russia
1880Joshua A. NortonAmerican eccentric United States(USA)
1896Paul VerlaineFrench poet France
1896William Rainey MarshallAmerican politician United States(USA)
1901John Barry (VC)Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross Ireland
1914Simon Bolivar BucknerAmerican soldier and politician United States(USA)
1916Rembrandt BugattiItalian sculptor Italy
1918Ellis H. RobertsAmerican politician United States(USA)
1925Fernand SanzFrench racing cyclist France
1932Eurosia FabrisItalian Catholic Blessed Italy
1934Andrei BelyRussian writer Russia
1934Alexandre StaviskyFrench financier and embezzler France
1937Martin BurnsAmerican world champion wrestler United States(USA)
1938Christian RohlfsGerman artist Germany
1941Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-PowellEnglish founder of the Boy Scouts United Kingdom(UK)
1942Joseph Franklin RutherfordSecond president of the incorporated Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society United States(USA)
1943Albert GoldthorpeEnglish rugby league footballer United Kingdom(UK)
1943Richard HillaryAustralian pilot and author Australia
1944William Kissam Vanderbilt IIMotor racing enthusiast and yachtsman and a member of the prominent United States Vanderbilt family United States(USA)
1945Karl Ernst KrafftProminent Swiss astrologer Switzerland
1946Dion FortuneBritish occultist United Kingdom(UK)
1947Tadeusz KutrzebaPolish general Poland
1948Richard TauberAustrian tenor Austria
1948Kurt SchwittersGerman painter and writer Germany
1950Joseph Alois SchumpeterAustrian economist Austria
1953Hugh BinneyBritish naval officer and administrator United Kingdom(UK)
1956Jim ElliotEvangelical Christian missionary Ecuador
1956Nate SaintEcuador evangelical Christian missionary pilot Ecuador
1958Paul PilgrimAmerican athlete United States(USA)
1958Mary Elizabeth Jane ColterAmerican architect and designer United States(USA)
1963Kay SageAmerican Surrealist artist and poet United States(USA)
1964Julius RaabAustrian politician Austria
1965Albert AsherNew Zealand dual-code international rugby union and professional rugby league footballer New Zealand
1967W. B. HenningPrussian born Iranist Russia
1967Zbigniew CybulskiPolish actor Poland
1969Albert Hill (athlete)British athlete United Kingdom(UK)
1970Jani ChristouGreek composer Greece
1970Georges GuibourgFrench singer, author, writer, playwright, and actor France
1970Jani ChristouGreek composer Greece
1972Kenneth PatchenAmerican poet and painter United States(USA)
1973Eugen SchuhmacherGerman zoologist Germany
1973Herbie TaylorSouth African cricketer South Africa
1975Richard TuckerAmerican tenor United States(USA)
1975John GregsonEnglish actor United Kingdom(UK)
1976Zhou EnlaiPremier of the Peoples Republic of China China
1976Robert ForganBritish politician United Kingdom(UK)
1979Dennis GaborHungarian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Hungary
1979Sara CarterAmerican Country music musician United States(USA)
1980John MauchlyAmerican physicist United States(USA)
1981Matthew Stymie BeardAmerican actor United States(USA)
1981Matthew Beard (American actor)American child actor United States(USA)
1982Gregoire AslanArmenian actor Armenia
1983Tom McCall30th Governor of Oregon and journalist United States(USA)
1983Gerhard BarkhornGerman fighter pilot Germany
1983Ron FrazerAustralian actor and comedian Australia
1985Eva BowringAmerican politician United States(USA)
1986Pierre FournierFrench cellist France
1990Terry-ThomasBritish actor United Kingdom(UK)
1990Georgie AuldAmerican saxophonist, clarinetist, and bandleader United States(USA)
1991Steve ClarkEnglish guitarist (Def Leppard) United Kingdom(UK)
1994Chandrashekarendra SaraswatiIndian Hindu sage, Jivanmukta India
1994Harvey HaddixAmerican baseball player United States(USA)
1994Pat ButtramAmerican actor United States(USA)
1995Carlos MonzonArgentine professional boxer Argentina
1996Howard TaubmanAmerican music and theater critic United States(USA)
1996Francois Mitterrand21st President of the French Republic France
1996John Hargreaves (actor)Australian actor Australia
1997Melvin CalvinAmerican chemist, Nobel laureate United States(USA)
1998Michael TippettEnglish composer United Kingdom(UK)
1998Halldor LaxnessTwentieth-century Icelandic novelist and author Iceland
2000Fritz ThiedemannGerman equestrian Germany
2002Aleksandr Mikhailovich ProkhorovRussian physicist, Nobel laureate Russia
2002Dave Thomas (American businessman)American restaurant owner and philanthropist United States(USA)
2002Romeo CascarinoAmerican composer United States(USA)
2003Ron GoodwinBritish composer and conductor United Kingdom(UK)
2004John A. GamblingAmerican radio show host United States(USA)
2005Keith KnudsenU.S. rock drummer, vocalist and songwriter United States(USA)
2005Campbell McComasAustralian comedian, writer and actor Australia
2005Warren SpearsAmerican dancer and choreographer United States(USA)
2005Michel ThomasPolyglot linguist United States(USA)
2005Margherita CarosioItalian operatic soprano Italy
2006Tony Banks, Baron StratfordBritish politician and Labour Party MP and member of the House of Lords United Kingdom(UK)
2007Jane BolinFirst African-American woman judge United States(USA)
2007Iwao TakamotoJapanese American animator, television producer and film director United States(USA)
2007Yvonne De CarloCanadian-born American film and television actress, dancer and singer United States(USA)
2007Arthur CockfieldCivil servant, a company director, a Conservative politician and a European Commissioner United Kingdom(UK)
2007David ErvineNorthern Irish politician and the leader of the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) United Kingdom(UK)
2008George T. D. MooreAustralian jockey and Thoroughbred horse trainer Australia
2009Don GallowayAmerican actor of stage, film and television, a political libertarian and journalist United States(USA)
2009Richard John NeuhausProminent American clergyman United States(USA)
2009Lasantha Manilal WickrematungeSri Lankan politician and journalist Sri Lanka
2009Ljubica Cuca SokicSerbian painter Serbia
2010Otmar SuitnerAustrian conductor Austria
2010Monica MaughanAustralian actress Australia
2010Tony HalmeMember of the Finnish Parliament Finland
2010Art ClokeyAmerican pioneer United States(USA)
2011Jiri DienstbierCzech politician and journalist Czech Republic
2012Alexis WeissenbergBulgarian born French pianist France
2013Manuel Mota CerrilloSpanish dress designer and creative director Spain
2013Alasdair David Gordon MilneIndian-English television producer United States(USA)

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