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Today's Famous Deaths          February 4th

February 4 Famous Deaths list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who died on February 4. Famous Deaths on February 4 in the history. Know the famous celebrity who died on this day.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
0211Septimius SeverusRoman general and Roman Emperor Italy
0708Pope SisinniusEighty seventh Pope and remained in office for about three weeks in 708 Italy
0856Rabanus MaurusFrankish Benedictine monk, the archbishop of Mainz in Germany and a theologian Germany
1505Jeanne de FranceQueen of France France
1508Conrad CeltesGerman scholar Germany
1590Gioseffo ZarlinoItalian music theorist and composer of the Renaissance Italy
1615Dom Justo TakayamaKirishitan daimyo and a Japanese Samurai who followed Christianity in the Sengoku period of Japan Japan
1615Giambattista della PortaItalian scholar, polymath and playwright Italy
1617Lodewijk ElzevirSignificant Dutch printer Netherlands
1694Natalia NaryshkinaTsaritsa of Russia Russia
1713Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 3rd Earl of ShaftesburyEnglish politician and philosopher United Kingdom(UK)
1781Josef MyslivecekCzech composer Czech Republic
1799Etienne-Louis BoulleeFrench architect France
1805Johann George TromlitzGermany composer Germany
1825Ferdinand I of the Two SiciliesKing variously of Naples, Sicily, and the Two Sicilies Italy
1843Theodoros KolokotronisGreek general Greece
1847Henri DutrochetFrench physiologist France
1894Adolphe SaxBelgian inventor Belgium
1905Louis-Ernest BarriasFrench sculptor France
1912Franz ReicheltFrench tailor, inventor and parachuting pioneer France
1918Akiyama SaneyukiJapanese naval commander Japan
1928Hendrik LorentzDutch physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Netherlands
1933Archibald SayceBritish Assyriologist and linguist United Kingdom(UK)
1936Wilhelm GustloffGerman leader of the NSDAP (Nazi) party Germany
1940Nikolai YezhovSenior figure in the NKVD (the Soviet secret police) Russia
1943Frank CalderThe first National Hockey Association president United Kingdom(UK)
1944Arsen KotsoyevRussian writer Russia
1947Julian Ashby BurrussFirst President of James Madison University United States(USA)
1947William O DonnellIrish politician Ireland
1953Antonio ConteItalian fencer Italy
1956Ksawery TartakowerPolish chess player Poland
1958Henry KuttnerAmerican writer United States(USA)
1959Una O Connor (actress)Irish actress Ireland
1966Gilbert Hovey GrosvenorAmerican geographer and editor United States(USA)
1967Albert OrsbornThe 6th General of The Salvation Army United Kingdom(UK)
1968Neal CassadyAmerican writer United States(USA)
1970Louise BoganAmerican poet United States(USA)
1973Martti HaavioFinnish poet Finland
1974Satyendra Nath BoseBengali mathematician India
1975Louis JordanAmerican saxophonist United States(USA)
1975Howard HillArcher United States(USA)
1977Brett HallidayAmerican writer United States(USA)
1982Alex HarveyScottish rock and roll recording artist United Kingdom(UK)
1982Georg Konrad MorgenSS judge and lawyer Germany
1983Karen CarpenterHighly successful American singer and drummer United States(USA)
1984Patrick NagelAmerican artist. United States(USA)
1987LiberaceAmerican pianist United States(USA)
1987Carl RogersInfluential American psychologist United States(USA)
1987Meena Keshwar KamalAfghan feminist, womens rights activist and founder of RAWA Afghanistan
1990Whipper Billy WatsonCanadian professional wrestler Canada
1992Lisa FonssagrivesSwedish-born supermodel Sweden
1992John DehnerAmerican actor in radio, television and films, playing countless roles, often as a droll villain United States(USA)
1993Connie SaylorJourneyman NASCAR racecar driver United States(USA)
1994Fred De BruyneBelgian champion cyclist Belgium
1994Jane ArborBritish writer United Kingdom(UK)
1995Patricia HighsmithAmerican novelist known for her psychological thrillers United States(USA)
1995Godfrey BrownBritish athlete, winner of gold medal in 4x400 m relay at the 1936 Summer Olympics United Kingdom(UK)
2000Phil TonkenAmerican radio and television producer, announcer and voice-over artist United States(USA)
2000Doris ColeyMember and occasional lead singer of the Shirelles United States(USA)
2000Carl AlbertLawyer and a Democratic American politician United States(USA)
2001David BeattieNew Zealand Governor-General New Zealand
2001Iannis XenakisGreek composer and architect, major contributor to musical modernism Greece
2001J. J. JohnsonUnited States jazz trombonist, composer and arranger United States(USA)
2001Pankaj RoyIndian cricketer India
2002Count Sigvard Bernadotte of WisborgSwedish industrial designer Sweden
2002George NaderAmerican film and television actor of lebanese descent United States(USA)
2003Charlie BiddleAmerican-born Quebec jazz bassist Canada
2003Andre NoyelleRoad racing cyclist Belgium
2003Benyoucef BenkheddaAlgerian politician Algeria
2005Guy DavenportAmerican writer, translator, illustrator, painter, intellectual and teacher United States(USA)
2005Ossie DavisAmerican film actor, director, poet, playwright, writer, and social activist United States(USA)
2006Betty FriedanAmerican feminist, activist and writer United States(USA)
2006Myron WaldmanAmerican animator United States(USA)
2007Steve BarberAmerican left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball United States(USA)
2007Barbara McNairAmerican singer and actress United States(USA)
2007Jose Carlos BauerFormer Brazilian football player and manager Brazil
2007Ilya KormiltsevRussian poet, translator and publisher Russia
2007Jules OlitskiAmerican abstract painter, printmaker and sculptor United States(USA)
2008Jane LoevingerDevelopmental psychologist United States(USA)
2008Stefan MellerPolish diplomat and academician Poland
2008Endel ArujaEstonian physicist Canada
2009Lux InteriorAmerican singer United States(USA)
2010Costas AxelosGreek Philosopher Greece
2010Helen Tobias-DuesbergEstonian-American composer Estonia
2011Martial CelestinPrime Minister of Ha´ti United States(USA)
2013Essie Mae Washington-WilliamsAmerican writer and teacher United States(USA)
2013P. W. UnderwoodAmerican football player and coach United States(USA)
2013Donald ByrdAmerican jazz and rhythm and blues trumpeter United States(USA)

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