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Today's Famous Deaths          December 18th

December 18 Famous Deaths list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who died on December 18. Famous Deaths on December 18 in the history. Know the famous celebrity who died on this day.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
0053Publius Clodius PulcherRoman politician Italy
1133HildebertFrench writer and ecclesiastic France
1495Alphonso II of NaplesKing of Naples Spain
1692Veit Ludwig von SeckendorffGerman statesman Germany
1737Antonio StradivariItalian luthier Italy
1751Kilian Ignaz DientzenhoferCzech architect Czech Republic
1787Soame JenynsEnglish writer United Kingdom(UK)
1788Francis William DrakeBritish Admiral and territorial governor United Kingdom(UK)
1792Johann van BeethovenLudwig van Beethoven's father and first teacher Germany
1799Jean-Etienne MontuclaFrench mathematician France
1803Johann Gottfried HerderGerman writer Germany
1829Jean-Baptiste LamarckFrench scientist France
1843Thomas Graham, 1st Baron LynedochScottish aristocrat, politician and British Army officer United Kingdom(UK)
1848Bernard BolzanoCzech mathematician and philosopher Czech Republic
1855Samuel RogersEnglish author United Kingdom(UK)
1869Louis Moreau GottschalkAmerican musician United States(USA)
1877Charles ClarkGovernor of Mississippi United States(USA)
1880Michel ChaslesFrench mathematician France
1892Richard OwenEnglish biologist, comparative anatomist and palaeontologist United Kingdom(UK)
1912Will CarletonAmerican poet United States(USA)
1919Horatio ParkerAmerican composer United States(USA)
1927Ram Prasad BismilIndian revolutionary India
1936Andrija MohorovicicCroatian seismologist Croatia
1937Sandford SchultzEnglish cricketer United Kingdom(UK)
1950Johnny HydeRussian born American talent agent and vice-president of the William Morris Agency United States(USA)
1952Garimella SatyanarayanaIndian Poet and Freedom Fighter of Andhra Pradesh India
1956Gustave CharpentierFrench composer France
1966Tara BrowneBritish socialite United Kingdom(UK)
1968Upton SinclairAmerican author United States(USA)
1968Joan TaborUS film and TV actress United States(USA)
1969Charles Edward DvorakAmerican track and field athlete United States(USA)
1971Bobby Jones (golfer)American golfer United States(USA)
1971Aleksandr TvardovskySoviet poet and chief editor Russia
1971Diana LynnAmerican actress United States(USA)
1973Allama Rasheed TurabiPakistani scholar, orator and philosopher Pakistan
1974Harry HooperAmerican baseball player United States(USA)
1975Theodosius DobzhanskyUkrainian-American geneticist and biologist United States(USA)
1975Theodosius DobzhanskyProminent geneticist and evolutionary biologist Russia
1977Louis UntermeyerAmerican author, poet, anthologist, and editor United States(USA)
1977Michio NishizawaProminent Japanese Nippon Professional Baseball player Japan
1978Harold LasswellLeading American political scientist and communications theorist United States(USA)
1980Ben TraversBritish playwright United Kingdom(UK)
1980Alexei KosyginSoviet politician and administrator Russia
1980Alexei Nikolayevich KosyginSoviet-Russian statesman Russia
1980Gabrielle Anna Charlotte RobinneFrench a stage and film actress France
1982Hans-Ulrich RudelCombat pilot and highest decorated German soldier of WWII Germany
1984Aris MaliagrosGreek actor Greece
1985Xuan DieuProminent Vietnamese poet Vietnam
1987Conny PlankRecord producer and musician Germany
1987Warne Marion MarshAmerican tenor saxophonist United States(USA)
1988Otto BorosHungarian water polo player Hungary
1990Anne RevereAmerican actress United States(USA)
1990Paul TortelierFrench cellist France
1991George AbecassisEnglish race car driver United Kingdom(UK)
1992Mark GoodsonSuccessful American television producer United States(USA)
1993Sam WanamakerAmerican film director and actor United States(USA)
1993CharizmaAmerican Hip Hop MC United States(USA)
1994Lilia SkalaAustrian actress Austria
1994Roger AperyGreek-French mathematician France
1995Brian BrocklessEnglish organist United Kingdom(UK)
1995Konrad ZuseGerman engineer and computer pioneer Germany
1996Irving CaesarAmerican lyricist and composer United States(USA)
1996Yulii Borisovich KharitonRussian physicist Russia
1997Chris FarleyAmerican comedian and actor United States(USA)
1998Lev DeminSoviet cosmonaut Russia
1999Robert BressonFrench film director France
2000Kirsty MacCollEnglish singer, songwriter United Kingdom(UK)
2000Nick StewartAmerican television and film actor United States(USA)
2000Stan FoxUnited States open wheel race car driver United States(USA)
2001Dimitris DragatakisGreek composer of classical music Greece
2001Gilbert BecaudFrench singer, composer and actor France
2001Kira Valentinovna IvanovaRussian figure skater Russia
2002Ray Hnatyshyn24th Governor General of Canada Canada
2002Wayne OwensMember of the United States House of Representatives United States(USA)
2004Vijay HazareIndian cricketer India
2004Anthony SampsonBritish writer and journalist United Kingdom(UK)
2005Alan VoorheesTransportation engineer and urban planner United States(USA)
2006Daniel PinkhamAmerican composer, organist, and harpsichordist United States(USA)
2006Shaukat SiddiquiEminent Urdu novelist and fiction writer Pakistan
2006Joseph BarberaInfluential American animator, director, producer, storyboard artist, and cartoon artist United States(USA)
2006Ruth BernhardAmerican photographer United States(USA)
2006Mike DickinBritish radio station talkSPORT United Kingdom(UK)
2007Gerald Le DainCanadian lawyer and judge Canada
2007Jack LinkletterAmerican game show and television host and entertainer United States(USA)
2007Alan WagnerAmerican television executive, radio personality, writer, and opera historian and critic United States(USA)
2007William StraussAmerican historian and author United States(USA)
2008W. Mark FeltAmerican Watergate informant United States(USA)
2008Hannah FrankScottish Artist and Sculptor United Kingdom(UK)
2008Majel BarrettAmerican actress and producer United States(USA)
2008Jack DouglasEnglish actor United Kingdom(UK)
2009Connie HinesFormer American actress United States(USA)
2010Anastasia KavadiaGreek film and television actress Greece
2010Tommaso Padoa-SchioppaItalian banker and economist Italy
2010Jacqueline de RomillyFrench philologist, classical scholar and fiction writer France
2010James PicklesEnglish Circuit judge United Kingdom(UK)
2011Vaclav HavelCzech playwright, essayist, dissident and politician Czech Republic
2012Leman CidamliTurkish television, stage and film actress Turkey
2012George William ShowellEnglish professional footballer United Kingdom(UK)
2012Anatoliy ZayaevSoviet football player and a Ukrainian coach Ukraine
2012Lloyd Valdemar BaxterAmerican figure skater United States(USA)

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