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Today's Famous Deaths          December 14th

December 14 Famous Deaths list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who died on December 14. Famous Deaths on December 14 in the history. Know the famous celebrity who died on this day.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
0765Jafar SadiqMuslim scholar Saudi Arabia
1311Margaret of BrabantQueen of Germany Germany
1460Guarino da VeronaItalian Renaissance Italy
1510Friedrich of SaxonyThe 36th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights Germany
1542James V of ScotlandKing of Scots United Kingdom(UK)
1553Hanibal LucicCroatian Renaissance poet and playwright Croatia
1591St. John of the CrossSpanish Carmelite mystic and poet Spain
1618Anna of TyrolEmpress consort of the Holy Roman Empire Austria
1624Charles Howard, 1st Earl of NottinghamEnglish statesman and Lord High Admiral United Kingdom(UK)
1651Pierre Dupuy (scholar)French scholar France
1693Giuseppe Felice TosiItalian composer and organist Italy
1715Thomas TenisonEnglish church leader, Archbishop of Canterbury United Kingdom(UK)
1732Johann Philipp FortschGerman baroque composer, statesman and doctor Germany
1735Thomas Tanner (bishop)English bishop United Kingdom(UK)
1741Charles RollinFrench historian France
1788Charles III of SpainKing of Spain Spain
1788Carl Philipp Emanuel BachGerman composer Germany
1799George WashingtonFirst President of the United States United States(USA)
1806John Breckinridge (Virginia and Kentucky)American politician United States(USA)
1810Cyrus GriffinLawyer and judge United States(USA)
1819Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of EglintonScottish peer, politician, and composer United Kingdom(UK)
1831Martin BaumAmerican businessman and politician United States(USA)
1831Martin BaumAmerican businessman and politician United States(USA)
1837Jean-Olivier ChenierFrench Canadian physician and Patriote Canada
1860George Hamilton Gordon AberdeenPrime Minister of the United Kingdom United Kingdom(UK)
1861Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and GothaPrince Consort of the United Kingdom United Kingdom(UK)
1865Johan Georg ForchhammerDanish geologist Denmark
1873Louis AgassizSwiss-born zoologist and geologist Switzerland
1873Alexander KeithScottish-born Canadian brewer United Kingdom(UK)
1873Elisabeth Ludovika of BavariaPrincess of Bavaria and later Queen consort of Prussia Germany
1878Alice of the United KingdomGrand Duchess of Hesse United Kingdom(UK)
1881Decimus BurtonBritish architect United Kingdom(UK)
1892Adams George ArchibaldCanadian lawyer and politician Canada
1902Julia Dent GrantFirst Lady of the United States United States(USA)
1912Belgrave Edward Sutton NinnisLieutenant in the Royal Fusiliers and an Antarctic explorer United Kingdom(UK)
1918Sidonio PaisPortuguese military and politician Portugal
1920George GippCollege football player United States(USA)
1927Yulian Vasilievich SokhotskiRussian mathematician Russia
1927Julian Karol SochockiPolish mathematician Poland
1935Stanley G. WeinbaumAmerican science-fiction author United States(USA)
1937Fabian de la RosaFilipino painter Philippines
1939Helene Kroller-MullerDutch museum founder Netherlands
1940Anton KorosecSlovenian politician Slovenia
1943John Harvey KelloggAmerican surgeon, advocate of dietary reform United States(USA)
1945Princess Maud of FifeCountess of Southesk United Kingdom(UK)
1946Roy William NeillFilm director United Kingdom(UK)
1947Stanley BaldwinPrime Minister of the United Kingdom United Kingdom(UK)
1947Edward HigginsThe third General of The Salvation Army United Kingdom(UK)
1953Marjorie Kinnan RawlingsAmerican author United States(USA)
1954Emil RauschGerman freestyle swimmer Germany
1955Robert Blair MayneNorthern Irish soldier, solicitor, rugby union international, amateur boxer and polar explorer United Kingdom(UK)
1956Juho Kusti PaasikiviSeventh President of Finland Finland
1957Josef LadaCzech painter Czech Republic
1963Erich OllenhauerGerman politician Germany
1963Dinah WashingtonAmerican singer United States(USA)
1964William BendixAmerican film actor United States(USA)
1966ShailendraPopular Indian Hindi lyricist India
1970Franz SchlegelbergerGerman judge and politician Germany
1970William Slim, 1st Viscount SlimBritish general United Kingdom(UK)
1971Dick TigerBoxer Nigeria
1972Angel KaraliychevBulgarian writer Bulgaria
1974Walter LippmannAmerican intellectual, writer, reporter and political commentator United States(USA)
1975Arthur TreacherEnglish character actor United Kingdom(UK)
1978Salvador de MadariagaSpanish League of Nations official Spain
1980Elston HowardAmerican catcher, left fielder and coach in Negro League and Major League Baseball United States(USA)
1985Catherine DohertyRussian-born Canadian activist Canada
1985Roger MarisAmerican right fielder in Major League Baseball United States(USA)
1988Stuart SymingtonAmerican politician United States(USA)
1989Andrei SakharovEminent Soviet nuclear physicist, dissident and human rights activist Russia
1989Jock MahoneyAmerican actor and stuntman United States(USA)
1990Friedrich DurrenmattSwiss writer Switzerland
1991John ArlottFreelance author, whose main subjects were sport and wine, a poet, and a radio producer and broadcaster, English cricket journalist United Kingdom(UK)
1993Myrna LoyAmerican actress United States(USA)
1993Jeff AlmAmerican football player United States(USA)
1994Orval Faubus36th Governor of Arkansas United States(USA)
1995G. C. EdmondsonAmerican science fiction author United States(USA)
1996Gaston MironImportant poet, writer, and editor of the Quebec post Quiet Revolution Canada
1997Stubby KayeAmerican comic actor United States(USA)
1997Kurt WinterCanadian guitarist Canada
1998Annette StraussPhilanthropist and a former mayor of Dallas United States(USA)
1998Aloyisus Leon Higginbotham, Jr.Prominent African American civil rights advocate, author, and federal appeals court judge United States(USA)
1998Norman FellAmerican actor of film and television United States(USA)
2001W. G. SebaldGerman writer and academic Germany
2001Secondo Conte CandoliAmerican jazz trumpeter United States(USA)
2002Ruth KobartAmerican actor and singer United States(USA)
2003Blas OpleFilipino journalist and politician Philippines
2003Jeanne CrainOscar-nominated American actress United States(USA)
2004Rod KanehlAmerican second baseman and outfielder in Major League Baseball United States(USA)
2004Fernando Poe, Jr.Filipino actor and cultural icon Philippines
2005TrevanianAmerican film scholar and writer United States(USA)
2006Mike EvansAmerican actor United States(USA)
2006Anton Stanislaus BalasinghamThe chief political strategist and chief negotiator of the separatist militant group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Sri Lanka
2006Ahmet ErtegunTurkish American founder United States(USA)
2009Alan A CourtEnglish footballer United Kingdom(UK)
2010Timothy DavlinMayor of the U.S. city United States(USA)
2010Dale RobertsEnglish footballer who played as a goalkeeper United Kingdom(UK)
2010Neva PattersonAmerican character actress United States(USA)
2011Joe SimonAmerican comic book writer, artist, editor, and publisher United States(USA)
2012John GrahamBritish Army officer United Kingdom(UK)
2012Alida ChelliItalian actress, singer, and TV-hostess Italy

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