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Today's Famous Deaths          August 31st

August 31 Famous Deaths list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who died on August 31. Famous Deaths on August 31 in the history. Know the famous celebrity who died on this day.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
0651Saint Aidan of LindisfarneThe founder and first bishop of the monastery Ireland
1234Emperor Go-Horikawa86th emperor of Japan Japan
1372Ralph Stafford, 1st Earl of StaffordEnglish soldier United Kingdom(UK)
1422Henry V of EnglandKing of England United Kingdom(UK)
1645Francesco BraccioliniItalian poet Italy
1655Ole WormDanish physician Denmark
1688John BunyanEnglish cleric and author United Kingdom(UK)
1724Louis I of SpainKing of Spain Spain
1730Gottfried FingerMoravian Baroque composer Czech Republic
1741Johann Gottlieb HeinecciusGerman jurist Germany
1762Emperor Momozono116th emperor of Japan Japan
1772William BorlaseEnglish naturalist United Kingdom(UK)
1795Francois-Andre Danican PhilidorFrench chess player and composer France
1796John McKinlyAmerican physician United States(USA)
1799Nicolas-Henri JardinFrench architect France
1801Nicola SalaItalian composer Italy
1811Louis Antoine de BougainvilleFrench explorer France
1814Arthur PhillipBritish naval Admiral and colonial administrator United Kingdom(UK)
1817John Thomas DuckworthBritish naval officer United Kingdom(UK)
1834Husein GradascevicBosniak general Bosnia and Herzegovina
1864Ferdinand LassalleGerman politician Germany
1865John AppoldBritish fur dyer and engineer United Kingdom(UK)
1867Charles BaudelaireFrench poet France
1869Mary Ward (scientist)Irish scientist Ireland
1911Mir Mahboob Ali Khan6th Nizam of Hyderabad India
1912Jean, duc DecazesFrench aristocrat and sportsman France
1916John Pierce St. JohnEighth Governor of Kansas United States(USA)
1920Wilhelm WundtGerman psychologist Germany
1920Jens Oliver LisbergOne of the inventors of the Merkio Faroe Islands
1924Todor Aleksandrov19th century revolutionary and member of the Bulgarian Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Committees (BMARC) Bulgaria
1927Andranik OzanianArmenian military commander Armenia
1940George GauthierFrench Canadian Archbishop of Montreal and the first rector of the Universite de Montreal Canada
1941Marina TsvetaevaRussian poet Russia
1945Stefan BanachPolish mathematician Poland
1948Billy LaughlinAmerican child actor United States(USA)
1948Andrei ZhdanovSoviet politician and art ideologist Russia
1952Henri BourassaFrench Canadian politician and publisher France
1954Elsa BarkerAmerican novelist, short story writer and poet United States(USA)
1963Georges BraqueFrench painter France
1965E. E. SmithAmerican writer United States(USA)
1967Ilya EhrenburgRussian writer Russia
1968Dennis O KeefeAmerican actor United States(USA)
1969Rocky MarcianoItalian-American boxer and the world heavyweight champion United States(USA)
1973John FordAmerican film director United States(USA)
1974Norman KirkPrime Minister of New Zealand New Zealand
1974William Pershing BenedictAmerican pilot United States(USA)
1977H. C. PotterAmerican film and theater director United States(USA)
1978John WrathallRhodesian politician South Africa
1979Sally RandAmerican fan dancer United States(USA)
1979Tiger SmithEnglish wicket keeper United Kingdom(UK)
1985Frank Macfarlane BurnetAustralian virologist, 1960 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Australia
1986Henry MooreEnglish sculptor United Kingdom(UK)
1986Urho KekkonenFinnish politician Finland
1992Wolfgang GullichGerman climber Germany
1997Dodi Al-FayedEgyptian businessman Egypt
1997DianaPrincess of Wales United Kingdom(UK)
1997Nana MeskhidzeGeorgian painter Georgia
1997Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim FayedEgyptian billionaire Egypt
2000Patricia Owens (actress)Canadian-born actress, working in Hollywood Canada
2000Lucille FletcherAmerican screenwriter of film, radio and television United States(USA)
2000Dolores MooreProfessional Baseball League United States(USA)
2002Lionel HamptonAmerican musician United States(USA)
2002George PorterBritish chemist United Kingdom(UK)
2002Farhad MehradPersian award winning legendary singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, pianist and icon Iran
2004E. Fay JonesAmerican architect United States(USA)
2004Carl WayneBritish singer and actor United Kingdom(UK)
2005Jozef RotblatPolish physicist, Nobel laureate Poland
2005Michael SheardScottish actor United Kingdom(UK)
2005John Donaldson, Baron Donaldson of LymingtonSenior British judge United Kingdom(UK)
2005Michael SheardScottish actor United Kingdom(UK)
2006Tom DelaneyBritish sportsman and industrialist United Kingdom(UK)
2006Mohamed AbdelwahabEgyptian footballer Egypt
2007Willie CunninghamFormer Northern Irish football player and manager United Kingdom(UK)
2007Gay BrewerAmerican professional golfer United States(USA)
2008Ike PappasCBS News correspondent for 25 years United States(USA)
2008Victor Yates (rugby player)New Zealand rugby union footballer New Zealand
2009Karloff LagardeProfessional wrestler Mexico
2009Erano ManaloSecond Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo Philippines
2010Laurent FignonFrench professional road bicycle racer France
2012Max BygravesEnglish comedian, singer, actor United Kingdom(UK)
2012Norbert WalterGerman economist Germany

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