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December 17 Famous Birthdays list :
       List of Famous celebrity people who born Today. Famous Birthdays Today in the history. Know the famous celebrity who born on your birthday.
YearPeople / Celebrity NamePeople / Celebrity ProfessionCountry
2007James Windsor, Viscount SevernMember of the British Royal Family, the second child and only son of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Sophie, Countess of Wessex United Kingdom(UK)
1994Nat WolffActor, singer-songwriter, composer, and keyboardist United States(USA)
1992Thomas LawThe fourth English actor to play Peter Beale in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders United Kingdom(UK)
1992Jordan GarrettAmerican actor United States(USA)
1990Ashley EdnerAmerican actress United States(USA)
1986Vanessa ZimaAmerican actress United States(USA)
1985Ryuichi OgataChord vocal, rapper and dancer in w-inds Japan
1984Andrew Davies (footballer)English footballer United Kingdom(UK)
1984Luis Maria AlfagemeArgentine footballer Argentina
1984Sahara Davenport (Antoine Ashley)American drag queen and reality television personality and classically-trained dancer United States(USA)
1983Erik ChristensenCurrent NHL hockey player for the Atlanta Thrashers Canada
1983Kosuke SaitoDJ and music game composer Japan
1982Josh BarfieldSecond baseman for the Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball United States(USA)
1982Craig KielburgerChild rights advocate and leadership specialist Canada
1982Stephane LasmeGabonese professional basketball player Gabon
1982Ryan MoatsAmerican football running back for the Houston Texans of the National Football League United States(USA)
1982Lorenzo CittadiniItalian rugby union player Italy
1981Jerry HsuProfessional skateboarder United States(USA)
1980Ryan Hunter-ReayAmerican auto racing driver United States(USA)
1980Eli PariserExecutive Director of MoveOn.org United States(USA)
1980Alexandra PapageorgiouFemale hammer thrower Greece
1980Stella (singer)Singer, actress and former model Singapore
1979Jaimee FoxworthAmerican actress United States(USA)
1979Ryan KeyThe lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band Yellowcard United States(USA)
1979Matt MurleyProfessional ice hockey player United States(USA)
1978Alex CintronMajor League Baseball infielder Puerto Rico
1978Riteish DeshmukhIndian actor, hailing from Latur city in Marathwada, Maharashtra India
1978Neil SandersonCanadian drummer (Three Days Grace) Canada
1978Chase UtleySecond baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball United States(USA)
1978Manny PacquiaoFilipino professional boxer, part-time actor and recording artist Philippines
1977Arnaud ClementProfessional tennis player from France France
1977Samuel PahlssonSwedish professional ice hockey player Sweden
1977Oxana FedorovaRussian Miss Universe winner, police officer (retired), television host, actress, singer and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Russia
1976Eric BedardCanadian short track speed skater Canada
1976Nir DavidovichIsraeli goalkeeper Israel
1976Patrick MullerSwiss professional footballer Switzerland
1976Takeo SpikesAmerican football linebacker United States(USA)
1975Milla JovovichSerbian-Ukrainian model, actress, musician, and fashion designer Ukraine
1975Bree SharpAmerican singer and songwriter influenced by rock, pop, and folk United States(USA)
1975Mayuko AokiJapanese voice actress Japan
1974Duff GoldmanThe star of the Food Network reality television show Ace of Cakes United States(USA)
1974Giovanni RibisiAmerican actor United States(USA)
1974Sarah PaulsonGolden Globe-nominated American actress United States(USA)
1974Nick DinsmoreAmerican professional wrestler United States(USA)
1974Ian PetrellaAmerican child actor United States(USA)
1973Konstadinos GatsioudisGreek javelin thrower Greece
1973Paula RadcliffeBritish long-distance runner and currently holds several world records United Kingdom(UK)
1973Rian JohnsonAmerican writer and director United States(USA)
1973Nikki StanzioneAmerican television show host United States(USA)
1972John Abraham (Bollywood actor)Bollywood actor and a former model India
1972Laurie HoldenAmerican and Canadian actress United States(USA)
1971Alan KhanSouth African radio disc jockey South Africa
1971Antoine RigaudeauRetired French professional basketball player France
1971Sinan AkkusTurkish-German actor, director, film producer and writer Germany
1970Sean Patrick ThomasAmerican actor United States(USA)
1969Chuck LiddellAmerican mixed martial artist (MMA) who fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship United States(USA)
1969Chris Mason (Darts player)English darts player United Kingdom(UK)
1969Mick QuinnBass player for English rock band United Kingdom(UK)
1969Michael V.Filipino comedian, actor, director, composer, singer, rapper, voice artist and parodist Philippines
1968Andrey GolovatiukRussian politician Russia
1968Paul TracyProfessional automobile racer Canada
1967Gigi D AgostinoItalian DJ, remixer and music producer Italy
1967Vincent DamphousseRetired Canadian professional hockey player in the NHL Canada
1966Tracy ByrdAmerican country music singer-songwriter United States(USA)
1966Valeri LiukinKazakh retired competitive artistic gymnast United States(USA)
1966Kristiina OjulandThe foreign minister of Estonia Estonia
1965Craig BerubeRetired Canadian professional ice hockey player Canada
1964Ginger (musician)Rock guitarist, singer and songwriter United Kingdom(UK)
1964Frank MusilFormer professional ice hockey defenceman and a current scout for the Edmonton Oilers and coach assistant for Czech national ice hockey team Czech Republic
1964Joe WolfRetired American professional basketball player in the NBA United States(USA)
1964Michele TafoyaAmerican television sportscaster United States(USA)
1962Paul Dobson (footballer)English professional football player United Kingdom(UK)
1962Richard JewellCentral figure of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics Georgia
1962Rocco MediateAmerican professional golfer with multiple PGA Tour wins United States(USA)
1961Sara DallinEnglish singer and songwriter United Kingdom(UK)
1960Moreno ArgentinItalian former professional cyclist Italy
1959Albert King (basketball)Retired American professional basketball player United States(USA)
1959Bob StinsonFounding member and lead guitarist for the American rock band The Replacements United States(USA)
1958Mike MillsThe bass player of the band R.E.M United States(USA)
1957Earl HudsonThe drummer for hardcore punk band Bad Brains United States(USA)
1956Peter FarrellyAmerican film director, screenwriter, producer and novelist United States(USA)
1955Brad Davis (Basketball)Retired American basketball player United States(USA)
1953Samuel HadidaFilm distributor Morocco
1953Barry LivingstonAmerican television and film actor United States(USA)
1953Bill PullmanAmerican film, television, and stage actor United States(USA)
1953Sally MenkeAmerican film editor United States(USA)
1951Ken HitchcockNHL hockey coach and pro scout, and current head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets Canada
1951Tatyana KazankinaSoviet and Russian runner Russia
1950Laurence F. JohnsonAmerican futurist, author, and educator United States(USA)
1949Sotiris KaiafasRetired Cypriot football striker Cyprus
1949Paul RodgersEnglish rock singer-songwriter United States(USA)
1947Wes StudiU.S. actor of Native American descent United States(USA)
1946Eugene LevyCanadian Emmy and Grammy Award-winning actor, television director, producer, musician and writer Canada
1945Ernie HudsonAmerican actor United States(USA)
1945Chris MatthewsAmerican news anchor and political commentator United States(USA)
1945Jacqueline WilsonEnglish author United Kingdom(UK)
1944Jack L. ChalkerAmerican science fiction author United States(USA)
1944Bernard HillBritish actor of film, stage and television United Kingdom(UK)
1943Mary BrunnerAmerican former Manson Family member United States(USA)
1943Ron GeesinBritish musician and composer United Kingdom(UK)
1942Paul ButterfieldAmerican blues harmonica player and singer United States(USA)
1941Isaak Stanislaus Gorerazvo MudengeZimbabwean politician Zimbabwe
1940Kare ValebrokkNorwegian journalist Norway
1939Eddie KendricksAmerican singer and songwriter United States(USA)
1939James BookerJazz, New Orleans rhythm and blues and soul musician United States(USA)
1939Charles Vernon BushAfrican-American pioneer, retired senior corporate executive United States(USA)
1938Carlo LittleInfluential rock and roll drummer United Kingdom(UK)
1938Peter SnellFormer New Zealand athlete New Zealand
1937Kerry PackerAustralian publishing, media and gaming tycoon who owned the Nine Network Australia
1937John Kennedy TooleAmerican novelist United States(USA)
1937Calvin WallerUS Army general United States(USA)
1937Art NevilleAmerican singer and keyboardist United States(USA)
1936Tommy SteeleEnglish entertainer United Kingdom(UK)
1936Jorge BergoglioArgentine cardinal Argentina
1935George LindseyAmerican character actor United States(USA)
1935Cal Ripken, Sr.Coach and manager in Major League Baseball United States(USA)
1934Ray Wilson (footballer)Footballer who played at left back United Kingdom(UK)
1931Dave MaddenCanadian actor Canada
1931James McGaughAmerican neurobiologist United States(USA)
1930Armin Mueller-StahlAcademy Award-nominated German film actor Germany
1929Jacqueline HillBritish actress United Kingdom(UK)
1929William SafireAmerican columnist United States(USA)
1927Richard Long (actor)American actor United States(USA)
1926Ray JablonskiAmerican third baseman in Major League Baseball United States(USA)
1926Bill KeightleyEquipment manager for the University of Kentucky mens basketball team United States(USA)
1924Cecil WalkerUlster Unionist Member of Parliament United Kingdom(UK)
1923Jaroslav PelikanOne of the worlds leading scholars in the history of Christianity and medieval intellectual history United States(USA)
1922Alan VoorheesTransportation engineer and urban planner United States(USA)
1922Emanuel RomancikSlovak actor Slovakia
1921Lore BergerSwiss writer Switzerland
1920Kenneth E. IversonCanadian computer scientist Canada
1918Dusty AndersonAmerican actress and World War II pin-up girl United States(USA)
1916Penelope FitzgeraldEnglish writer United Kingdom(UK)
1915Andre ClaveauFrench singer France
1914Mushtaq AliFormer Indian cricketer India
1912Edward Short, Baron GlenamaraFormer Labour Member of Parliament (MP) United Kingdom(UK)
1911Richard Sale (director)American screenwriter and film director United States(USA)
1910Sy OliverAmerican jazz arranger and bandleader United States(USA)
1908Willard Frank LibbyAmerican chemist, Nobel laureate United States(USA)
1906Fernando Lopes-GracaPortuguese composer and musicologist Portugal
1906Russell C. NewhouseDirector of the Radar Laboratory for the Bell Telephone Laboratories United States(USA)
1905Simo HayhaFinnish sniper Finland
1905Erico Lopes VerissimoBrazilian writer Brazil
1904Paul CadmusAmerican artist United States(USA)
1903Erskine CaldwellAmerican author United States(USA)
1903Ray Noble (musician)English bandleader and actor United Kingdom(UK)
1900Mary CartwrightEnglish mathematician United Kingdom(UK)
1900Katina PaxinouGreek actress Greece
1895Nils AsheimNorwegian politician for the Liberal Party Norway
1894Arthur FiedlerAmerican conductor United States(USA)
1893Erwin PiscatorGerman film director Germany
1892Sam BarryAmerican basketball coach United States(USA)
1887Josef LadaCzech painter Czech Republic
1887Hermine ReussEmpress of Germany and Duchess of Bohemia Germany
1883RaimuFrench actor France
1881Aubrey FaulknerLeading cricketer for South Africa South Africa
1874William Lyon Mackenzie King10th Prime Minister of Canada Canada
1873Ford Madox FordEnglish writer United Kingdom(UK)
1866Konrad StaheliSwiss sports shooter Switzerland
1859Paul Cesar HelleuFrench artist France
1853Emile RouxFrench physician France
1847Emile FaguetFrench writer and critic France
1842Ashley EdnerNorwegian mathematician Norway
1835Alexander Emanuel AgassizAmerican scientist and son of Louis Agassiz United States(USA)
1830Jules de GoncourtFrench publisher France
1824Thomas Starr KingAmerican Unitarian minister United States(USA)
1807John Greenleaf WhittierAmerican poet and abolitionist United States(USA)
1796Thomas Chandler HaliburtonCanadian novelist Canada
1787Jan Evangelista PurkyneCzech Anatomist and physiologist Czech Republic
1778Sir Humphry DavyEnglish chemist and physicist United Kingdom(UK)
1749Domenico CimarosaItalian composer Italy
1734Maria I of PortugalPortuguese queen Portugal
1706Emilie du ChateletFrench mathematician and physicist France
1685Thomas TickellEnglish writer United Kingdom(UK)
1662Samuel Wesley (poet)Poet and a writer of controversial prose, founders of the Methodist Church United Kingdom(UK)
1632Anthony WoodEnglish antiqurian United Kingdom(UK)
1630Kaibara EkkenJapanese Neo-Confucianist philosopher and botanist Japan
1619Prince Rupert of the RhineCommander in the English Civil War Czech Republic
1267Emperor Go-Uda91st emperor of Japan Japan
1239Kujo YoritsuguJapanese Shogun Japan
0283Pope CaiusPope from December 17, 283 to April 22, 296 Italy

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